Say No to Plastic and Say Hello to Green, Eco Friendly Paint

Graphenstone Paint is a pure lime based paint. Our range of premium paints contain the highest purity lime with added graphene technology.

Lime Paints have a long and historic tradition across the island of Ireland. They covering many homes for generations. Our Graphenstone Range takes lime paint to a new level. By enhancing lime with carbon graphene, Graphenstone Paint becomes a true testament to 21st century engineering. Graphenstone is Class 1 abrasion resistant, Breathable, Washable Paint that is Free from VOC’s and actively purifies the air around which it is painted.

Graphenstone Paints are Tough! It is less likely to crack and flake compared to traditional paints. They have a naturally high PH, which prevents mould and focus growth. Our paint includes no plastic or petro chemicals, it is just natural lime with a hint of graphene technology.

Our Ecological range is a natural based mineral paint with added lime forming a natural, clean preservative. This range allows you to choose from an extended colour range while maintaining many of the advantages from our premium range of paint.