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For those of us who love the planet as much as we love our own homes, Graphenstone paints are the ultimate ecological solution for all interior painting needs. Graphenstone paint absorbs Co2 from the atmosphere, transforming your home into a beautiful and healthy green space. This eco-friendly paint is a mix of high-quality innovative technology and environmental consciousness and is available in an absolutely gorgeous range of colours.  Graphenstone breathable paints are passive, odourless and free from harmful toxins and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions and are highly durable and washable. This ‘green’ interior paint is literally a breath of fresh air for Irish interior design.  Decorating your home with a natural, healthy paint which purifies the air will reduce any allergy concerns.   Graphenstone paints have anti-mould properties, are odourless and free from noxious substances and ae the best interior healthy paint for those suffering from asthma or allergies.   

Graphenstone paints use Graphene technology, that offers greater toughness, thermal conductivity, flexible and strength on all surfaces, including concrete, wood and interior walls.  It is simply the earth’s favourite paint. Along with all its green and healthy properties, this is a tough scrubbable paint that gives smooth matt finish.  No matter where you are in Ireland, we can get the product to you. If you have custom requirements or questions, email for support. Graphenstone, the paint for the Green Generations.