Paints For Render & Walls

Exterior Paint

Graphenstone ecological exterior paint is a high-quality range of sustainable, durable and long-lasting paint that brings colour to our lives while ensuring a safe and healthy environment. It is the paint of the new greener generation. A healthy, non-toxic and allergy friendly product that ticks all the boxes for those who love beauty in nature and their surroundings. From the Four2Four primer paint to the Bioshphere natural mineral paint, Graphenstone exterior paints are a natural, yet tough and stylish eco-paint that embrace ecological consciousness, are easy to use and produce amazing results.  This healthy paint is free from VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions, and is certified for moisture control in concrete surface protection systems (EN 1504-2). Graphenstone paint is odourless, passive, long lasting and breathable.  Produced using Graphene technology that offers greater toughness, thermal conductivity and flexible and strength on all surfaces, including concrete, wood and exterior surfaces.   It is the earths favourite paint.  Graphenstone paint absorbs Co2 from the atmosphere. In fact, using 45 litres of paint externally absorbs over 10kg of CO2, equivalent to an adult tree over a year.

It is more suitable than conventional paints for our damp climate.

Available in a range of colours to brighten the world, while being kinder to the environment. Supporting Irelands current ecological ethos and passion, Graphenstone combine technological innovation and eco-friendly sustainability. No matter where you are in Ireland, we can get the product to you. If you have custom requirements or questions, email for support.    Graphenstone, the paint for the Green Generations.